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Burning Desire

untitledI have been through so much lately it isn’t even funny but it is all making sense now. You all will see when you are meant for something, NO MATTER how much you try to avoid it, it will put you in the path of what you are supposed to do. I want to tell a story that will help set up my point.

I remember that when me and my best friend Jeron would spend HOURS playing basketball every summer. It didn’t matter how hot it was, if it was raining, or even if it was cold, we were going to find away to play basketball. When you are young, you are very stubborn like that! Lol. We would practice and practice, just us. We were good, we played more than anyone else in the neighborhood but we weren’t as GOOD. I mean we would play, 5-7 hours a day, but yet sat the bench for our high school team. Some would ask, why would you invest that much time into a sport you weren’t great at?

See, we all in life have different talents. See, the kids that were REALLY good didn’t have to invest that much time into what they were good at because it came easy to them. Jeron and I had to work our tails off just to be AVERAGE because we were below average players. Have you ever been so talented at something that you didn’t invest alot of time in but you were better or as good as someone that did all the EXTRA stuff, extra time in, etc?

The world way back then was trying to send me a sign that basketball wasn’t my CALLING! As much time as I was investing, it wasn’t paying off because I liked playing basketball but my TRUE PASSION was never basketball. See, I wanted to play and make the team, but it wasn’t my BURNING DESIRE TO BE GREAT AT BASKETBALL. Let me ask a question, what is your burning desire? Your BURNING DESIRE or YOUR BLISS is natural and so easy to you. It’s like how Michael Jordan was with a basketball in his hands. Tiger Woods with a golf club!

Think about this: What makes you feel like KING or QUEEN of the world?

I remember when I figured out mine, it was a YEAR AGO TODAY! I had the pleasure to go the Steve Harvey Show, and I felt totally comfortable. What nobody got to see is I was actually on the stage and helped warm up the show. Let’s just say, that’s when I KNEW what I am supposed to do. What my burning desire is!

The world puts us on a platform to accomplish whatever our burning desire is but it means nothing if we don’t recognize it.

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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Watch “Oprah Winfrey-Master Class-Surrender-The Secret to Allowing Greater Outcomes” on YouTube

Law of Attraction is with all of us.  Just ask Oprah.  Listen to her Color Purple story, the same thing happened to me. 

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Have you ever had a thought that something good was going to happen to you but didn’t know what it was? How about the opposite, you feel like something bad was going to happen to you, just waiting for it? Isn’t it amazing that you’re usually right either way? I don’t believe in luck! I believe that we create our own luck, and we do this HOW WE THINK.

My life for most of 32 years has been a roller coaster ride. The craziest thing is I hate roller coasters! LBS! I hate living like that, so I have finally figured out why my life wasn’t CONSISTENT. WHY, WHY (in my Michael Jackson voice)? I would always have something bad happen and let it ruin my momentum. I would focus on an uncontrollable and let it take most of my energy. Like a vampire, it will suck the life out of you when you could use that energy for chasing you goals.

thoughts becoome things

My pastor says “you are either in a storm, coming out of one, or getting ready to go into a storm”. Even “rich” people have problems. Life is not meant to be perfect, it’s to be what it is, so deal with it. If you can’t fix it at the time, why worry about it. Is it going to kill you? If you keep worrying about it, you may give yourself a stroke and believe me, you don’t want ones of those. The problem with most of this generation is we go through a little pain and wanna cry about it. Crying, whining, arguing, fighting is getting taking up more time now than solving the problem.

When this blog was created over a month ago, I expected that it would be successful. Sure, I still misspell a word or two but people get the point of everything I right. I have big plans for Mirror Motivation Media it will soon be known globally, watch and see. When I went to Steve Harvey I thought I am going to be myself, have a great time and leave a great impression! That’s exactly what happened and everyone in that studio remembers me from that day, I guarantee it.

I will close with this: You deserve whatever you think about! If you have thoughts of being financially stable, eventually it will happen if you put in the work. If you have thoughts of being poor and broke, eventually it will happen too because you put in the work!
Get up, get out and get something RIGHT NOW!

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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