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Burning Desire

untitledI have been through so much lately it isn’t even funny but it is all making sense now. You all will see when you are meant for something, NO MATTER how much you try to avoid it, it will put you in the path of what you are supposed to do. I want to tell a story that will help set up my point.

I remember that when me and my best friend Jeron would spend HOURS playing basketball every summer. It didn’t matter how hot it was, if it was raining, or even if it was cold, we were going to find away to play basketball. When you are young, you are very stubborn like that! Lol. We would practice and practice, just us. We were good, we played more than anyone else in the neighborhood but we weren’t as GOOD. I mean we would play, 5-7 hours a day, but yet sat the bench for our high school team. Some would ask, why would you invest that much time into a sport you weren’t great at?

See, we all in life have different talents. See, the kids that were REALLY good didn’t have to invest that much time into what they were good at because it came easy to them. Jeron and I had to work our tails off just to be AVERAGE because we were below average players. Have you ever been so talented at something that you didn’t invest alot of time in but you were better or as good as someone that did all the EXTRA stuff, extra time in, etc?

The world way back then was trying to send me a sign that basketball wasn’t my CALLING! As much time as I was investing, it wasn’t paying off because I liked playing basketball but my TRUE PASSION was never basketball. See, I wanted to play and make the team, but it wasn’t my BURNING DESIRE TO BE GREAT AT BASKETBALL. Let me ask a question, what is your burning desire? Your BURNING DESIRE or YOUR BLISS is natural and so easy to you. It’s like how Michael Jordan was with a basketball in his hands. Tiger Woods with a golf club!

Think about this: What makes you feel like KING or QUEEN of the world?

I remember when I figured out mine, it was a YEAR AGO TODAY! I had the pleasure to go the Steve Harvey Show, and I felt totally comfortable. What nobody got to see is I was actually on the stage and helped warm up the show. Let’s just say, that’s when I KNEW what I am supposed to do. What my burning desire is!

The world puts us on a platform to accomplish whatever our burning desire is but it means nothing if we don’t recognize it.

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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You deserve to be what you want!

Here’s the deal:  I’m not here to waste your time so I will tell you something that you need to know right now.  You deserve to be whatever you want to be.  Here’s why…At the end of the day, you own it.  We own our lives and we OWN our results.

I don’t believe that some are lucky and so aren’t.  I won’t lie, I used to believe it that theory.  Then my unlucky behind on the Steve Harvey Show.  Then I started a business and landed the ultimate dream job to help make my last JOB, a school session.

I got paired with the perfect boss that holds he to an ultra high standard and won’t let me drop the ball.  That isn’t luck, I changed my attitude and work my tail off.  I do the things winners do because I now believe that I am a winner. 

So go get together what you want in life and I’m telling you it’s possible.  Stop making excuses and start working.  Start showing up to work, start getting noticed, start making everyone that doesn’t like you, HATE you because no ones jealous of a loser. 

I’ll leave you with a quote:

Excuses are useless but RESULTS are priceless! 


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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Your Passion is?

All successful people have a passion and have learned to make decisions based on what really matters to them.  Even when others tell them they’re crazy or declare that a goal is impossible, they follow their passions. 

I think we all know what my passion is so we won’t make this about me.  What was your dream as a child?  We all know I wanted to be Batman because I want to help people and make the world a better place.  What about you?

Okay after you figure that put my next question is this, most people come to you for what?  Mine is when they are down and need lifting up, inspiration.  Some of you it may be a laugh, to hear you sing, etc.  Think about this…….

Finally, I’ll close with this, if you hosted a television show in which you taught a skill, it what would it be?   Weird question to be asked huh?  Here’s the thing though, this is how you figure out your TRUE passion or CALLING! 

Once you discover what your passion is, come back on Tuesday because I am going to share a secret I learned from a very successful mentor of mine that I email once a week.  This mentor has helped me push past obstacles!

Let’s recap:  Recall what your childhood dream was, think of why family and friends come to you most and if you hosted a TV show what skill would you teach.  Come back with the answers Tuesday and we will put it all together! 

Know what you want, then get it baby!! 


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
Founder & CEO

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My Vision

I have a vision with what this blog represents and what I am trying to accomplish with Mirror Motivation Media. The goal is very simple: Change the way people think! How do I change the way people think? Have bigger influence! How do I have a bigger influence? Build a brand! How do I build a brand? Tireless, relentless work. Sounds easy right?

Well on paper anyone can have a vision. It always looks good in the beginning. “Anybody can come to wordpress & name a blog called “Get up, get out and get something” as one of my critics has said. I laughed because the first thing I thought is if it’s so easy, why don’t you go do it?

Most businesses that fail are chasing money but you can’t really on passion alone. I was very passionate about basketball but that doesn’t make me NBA ready! Do I plan on having Mirror Motivation Media profitable at some point? Of course I do but is that the objective? NO.

It’s to really change the way people think and help people. Let me give you an example. If you can take 1,000,000 people that are struggling and having them achieving success, what would that do for the world? We haven’t pulled it off yet believe me, there is a day that goes by that I don’t think about this.

My talent is words, and my skill is delivering those words and my god given talent is my spirit. It has always made the most difficult people find a comfort level with me that I can’t explain. The pieces to the puzzle are forming together, it’s just do I have the patience to pull this off.

Patience has always been my biggest weakness but how you conquer a weakness, is first identifying it as a weakness. Then you work towards making it a strength. A couple of months ago, I would have given this up but I can’t stop now because I got yo many people counting on me!


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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