Bravo, Bravo: Record breaking January


Haters are making me stronger!  I am more confident then I have ever been because of all of my failures.  All that pain BUT I am still here, thank you.  I am still writing AND I am busier one then I have ever been!  I am tired, I have bags under my eyes but we GRIND! 

This year we have broke every record that I have previously had on the blog and it’s only January.  I want to say thank you to anyone that has viewed the blog, shared, clicked on a link, etc.  I also like to thank all the haters that said I no one would come to my blog.  Thanks for saying that, I needed that. 

I am most proud of all the different countries that have been to this page.  55 different countries have taken time out of there days to click on a link, or type something into a search bar that triggers one of my posts. 

Bottomline is that I have a large base of readers and I am so grateful! 

You made it successful! 

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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