Success requires naysayers

What do you think people said to Thomas Edison when he said he was going to invent a device that would light up an entire room?  What do you think people said Alexander Graham Bell when he told people he was inventing an instrument that would enable two people to talk to each other thousands of miles apart? 

You can trust in the fact that if you have a big dream and there are lots of naysayers around, they’re proof that you can do it!  When I first set off to start my business, I had a lot of people tell me how stupid I was.  They were like ” why would they listen to you”?

Naysayers are always present but the effect a naysayer has is up to you.  If you allow one naysayer to get to you’ll open yourself up to being affected by more naysayers, so don’t let them bother you.  I use their words as inspiration and I know it pisses them off even more.  My success is a result of every naysayer I have ever had.

So you want to be successful?  Embrace those naysayers and use them as motivation.  Take your game to the next level.  The greatest basketball player of this generation is LeBron James.  One if the most hated players of our generation is LeBron James.  Do you really think he cares? 

Follow the lead of these great people!

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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