Make it Happen


Time to put your dream and action together!  Time to push or be pushed!  This year a lot of people are going to tell us that we can’t accomplish what we want but I am here to tell you, YOU CAN.  Do you deserve to be happy?

Dreams are something every human being on this earth have but few accomplish.  Pain is what stops many of us because during the chase of that dream, we are going to have people in our way that make it tough.  We are going to face some of our biggest fears but that’s how we get what we want.

Pain and fear are something that people hate to talk about but I am telling you that you have to learn to embrace it.  Success isn’t easy!  The process weeds out the weak and the uncommitted.   Like getting into the NFL, it takes a life long commitment to football. 

My journey towards my life long commitment to changing the way people think and inspiring the WORLD, started in April 2013.  I have a plan on becoming the world’s best motivational speaker and life coach.  You think that is going to be easy?  It is going to be the toughest thing I ever endured but I really want it so I can take the PAIN! 

Go get what belongs to you TODAY!  Make it HAPPEN TODAY!  Yesterday, I was at my local areas college talking to college kids about jobs.  I was sitting behind a table as they would approach me.  All I thought is “this is my future”!  Changing lives and inspiring people to do their best!  I am building my.dream brick by brick, LET’S GO!

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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