How do you see yourself?


Every morning I wake up, one of the first thing I do is look in the mirror.  I think we all do.  Answer this question honestly, are you happy with the image?  If the answer is no, time to do something about it!  If the answer is yes, time to do something about it too!

My new saying is “if it’s not broke, break it and make it better” which I read in Rick Pitino’s new book ” The one day contract”.  Either way, let’s see if we can make it better because it’s starts there.  When you look in the mirror see a CHAMPION!  See a winner! 

As the illustration shows, “what matter the most is how we see ourselves”.  Stop letting your family and friends hurt your self esteem.  You are GREAT, CARING and CONFIDENT.  The more you believe that the more the rest of the world does!  You have to believe! 

I believe everyday I look in the mirror, I am the LION.  Not just because one of my nicknames was Simba from the Lion King, but because I realized in life we are whoever we think we are.  Start being confident, start being the person you have always wanted to be.  Stop using excuses while you can’t! 

Looking in the mirror, doesn’t cost a dime and it’s starts there.  Repeat after me, I AM GOING TO MAKE A CHANGE FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!  You have to make that change TODAY!  You don’t need money, just look in the mirror and smile, and see the person you are inside!  You got this! 

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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