Building wealth takes commitment: 52 week money challenge


So everyone wants to be a millionaire.  It’s going to take some work but your timing may be just right.  This market is perfect for smart, hard working people to make a fortune.  Especially in America because it is the land of opportunity. 

If you can’t beat them, join them.  I have been studying people with money and I have come up with a huge breakthrough:  Wealth begins in the mind though and end in the wallet/purse.  Eating Ramon Noodles may lead to the Bentley versus Chili’s…

Are you committed to make money work for you?

Donald Trump has money because of how he uses money.  He uses money to make him more money.  He doesn’t spend money just for the heck of it.  Money is his “brand” so everything that is money is helping his brand.  Him spending it makes him more of it. 

The first step is knowledge.  If you want to earn more, guess what, you have to learn more.  Wealth is a function of choice and discipline.  See, in my opinion wealth isn’t about cash but more about courage.  It’s hard but I have been trying to save 10%. 

The second step is sacrifice.  Follow the photo above starting January 1st.  Let’s get wealthy, and how we do that is by saving money NOT by spending it. After we sacrifice then we have to complete that last and final one….Discipline!!

Let’s do this together and watch how easy it was to accomplish this as one of our goals. 

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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