The Life Changing Sandwich

hungry please helpI was trying to find some inspiration to write tonight. One thing to know about inspiration it will find you, you don’t have to go looking for it. So tonight I am at McDonald’s as I usually am at night studying, reading books, going over tomorrow’s schedule,etc. I am outside thinking that I need to have write a new post. So I standing outside smoking a cigarette when this guy ask from a far “Hey, can you spare some money for sandwich?” At first thought, I was going to give an excuse as I have in the past like “I just spent my last dollar,etc.” I have been this new and improved “Eric” lately so I asked the guy a question.

I asked the gentleman what was his name and he said Jacob. I asked him if he worked and he said that he had been looking for a job but because he has a felony for something he did 11 years ago, it’s hard for him to find a job. I asked him what skills does he had and he said that he loves talking to people. I could tell though he wasn’t your average panhandler because he didn’t come up to your face. So after he told his story, I starting to “coach him up”. This guy that I never before, was very receptive, almost like he was waiting for someone to give him so HOPE or inspire him without kicking him down.

As I closed my pep talk “I told him the only difference with me and him, is my spirit. I told him to think more positive and more positive things would happen. I gave him my card and said that if he ever needed a lift in his attitude to call me and I gave him my business card. I told him to call me, he said he would and what do you think he did next?

Do you think he asked for a sandwich, stayed after I walked in, or walked away?

With a smile on his face, he walked away, said thanks for the card. He is almost out of the parking because I walked in to watch what he would do. I thought if the guy walks away, I will make him a very happy guy. So as he’s almost out of the parking lot I yell “Hey, Jacob” and he says “yeah. I say with a smile like we were friends “I forgot to ask you what did you want on your sandwich?”

The look on this guys face when I did that for him. He said “Just a McChicken without mayo” and I said “what do you want to drink” and he says “Dr. Pepper”. See it wasn’t about the $2 for me, it was will help let me try to help him. I have always been great at helping those in need of inspiration. After talking to him, I knew this wasn’t some guy strung of on drugs, just some guy that is down on his luck. That’s why most turn to drugs because they can’t take the pain so I hope I did this guy some good.

This guy Jacob is exactly why guys like me, are placed on this earth. Mirror Motivation Media, was started on the idea that if we can just change the way “the negative” people think, we can truly make this world a better place. I can say that I have never felt so good to do something for anyone. That sandwich just made his day and my pep talk might have CHANGED HIS LIFE!!!

Eric W.Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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One thought on “The Life Changing Sandwich

  1. that is a great story man

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