Facts only

We live in a society that is driven by facts.  This society is driven by facts because we want proof if something actually exists behind our thoughts on things.  Meanwhile, my parents generation didn’t need the facts but did what they were told and less probelms. 

Look at today’s generation we have access to the internet in our pockets, can “google” anything in a matter of seconds plus we have the ability to compare.  One thing that is and will always get compared is numbers.  We are a numbers driven generation.  How much, how long, payments,etc. 

In sales, you are judged on a closing percentage, which is supposed prove your worth as a salesperson.  Here’s the problem with that, based on a stat I am going to tell a person’s worth for my business?  Are you kidding me?  I drive numbers that don’t show up on paper, which is morale.

Morale will show up in attrition of a workplace and will also go towards your gross profit but there isn’t a “morale percentage”.  So here’s the million dollar question:  How can morale, the biggest factor in a successful business be judged on a stats? 

Before you say a survey, I am talking about a “fact only” research shows kind of stat.  Absenteeism?  What if a flu bug carried that month?  Percentage of employees with the most tenure?  I could tear apart that stat too.  I am a numbers guy, but there’s a human side to each number.

See my point….

Bottom Line:  I say hell with a stat.  My mentor Hal Rice wasn’t a numbers guy, he was a people guy.  If I keep my people happy, the numbers will take care of themselves.  Hal had people that were loyal.  He knew without people, he would be spinning his wheels. 

If he thought he was going to lose an employee, he wouldn’t look at a piece of paper than decide how valuable you were to him.  He actually knew all his employees, so he would hear your name then make the call.  No facts, statistics, proof of anything, just intuition.

Here’s a stat:  5 stores

That is what he owned and he is the most credible mentor I have had to date because he was an owner, not an employee.  So before you jump on facts, stats and all that stuff, remind to use your mind and your heart because it’s better than any machine or calculator.


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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