Were you groomed for success?

Their was the man named Hal Rice.  He grew up poor but worked two jobs to put his self through college.  He said it was tough but he kept pushing.  Hal later finished college to become a pharmacist. 

Hal grew up in a small town but was very ambitious.  He said that he was going to open his own store one day and people laughed.  Hal worked for a chain pharmacy for years just to learn the in’s and outs of a pharmacy.  He kept pushing but it was getting tough.

The more he knew, the more his confidence grew and he decided to resign from his stable job to pursue his dream, to own his own store.  Hal was turned down for loans over a dozen times but he didn’t care because he was going to make it happen.

This same guy that everyone laughed at later owned 5 stores in Rockford, IL known as One Stop Pharmacy.  Hal was a smart businessman, so he was always looking to develop leaders for his stores.   He seen this kid mopping the floor and asked him what his name was.  The kid said his name then Hal said “stop mopping the floor for a second and come talk to me”.

No one else in the store saw this kid’s potential because he had a temper and was getting sent home all the time.  Hal pulled this kid aside and said “I’ve watched you mop these floors and bag groceries like your life depends on it, may I ask why?”. The kid mentioned that his family didn’t have alot of money so he couldn’t lose his job”.  Hal said “if you learn to control your temper sky’s the limit for you because you work your tail off”. 

Hal made this kid his project.  He  taught this kid everything there was to know about running a business.  How to treat people, how to network, how to carry himself as a leader, how to manage, etc.  He worked with this kid like he was his own son.  He taught him about every aspect of his business by the age of 17.  By 18 years old this kid, was managing his grocery store at night as the night manager.  This chokes me up a little bit but this kid was me! 

I’ve managed alot of businesses over the years and now I manage my own, just like Hal taught me to 15 years ago!

Everyone has a “Hal” that saw something in you that no one else did.  Someone that defined WHO we are today.  Hal believed in Eric Black when I was holding a mop in my hand.  Hal would always tell me he became a pharmacist because he liked helping people.  It wasn’t about money, it was about following through on this dream.  

I’ll close with this:  Why I chose the business I did, because that’s what he always wanted me to do, be a leader, or “just truly help people” as he said.  It’s not about money.  Truth be told though, I was groomed for success by my mentor. 

His name was Hal Rice.  I know he’s still watching over me to this day:)

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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One thought on “Were you groomed for success?

  1. This is very touching and good.

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