Check this out!

Little over a month ago, I made a goal of 30 different countries would view my blog.  I am pleased to announce achieved that this morning.  Only reason I had said 30 because I heard Tony Robbins say he’s been to 30 countries to speak. 

I thought we’ll that’s the goal, what Tony Robbins did!  Now on to a new goal.

Thanks to everyone on their support!! 

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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2 thoughts on “Check this out!

  1. Keep at it! 30 is a great place to start! Today you have 30, Tomorrow, the World!
    I’m not sure how many I have, but the map at WordPress shows me that I’m missing 6 in Africa and one in Asia. There are possibly a few island-nations I have yet to host as guests at my blog, but after nearly 3 years, and nearly a million views, I’m going strong. (Life Mastery Grad, ’95)

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