Live to work: Look through less to see more

I was going to save this as a book title but I woke up this morning and wanted to write about something that had nothing to do with money.  Then I thought that sometimes, in order to see more money, you have to look through less.  Let me explain…

For the record, my salary for my Human Resource Recruiter is a good fair salary but I make less money then I did sales for 8 yrs and make less then I did as an Admissions Advisor but I am responsible for so much more.  Did you catch it yet?

I’ll repeat, I currently make less money then I have made at previous jobs but I have more responsibility.  Why would you do that?  Sometimes you have to take the small job to get the REALLY big one.  Also, I realized that your job shouldn’t be about money, either. 

We all work to make a living but who tries to make a living to work?  Huh??  What did I say?  Lol.  I have made a living TO work!  I live to work not the other way around.  The top people that are in the 2% of the world, have this figure out.  I go hard everyday because I chose to work hard my whole life. 

Whether I am mowing lawns, which I did at 13, or recruiting people for a position at my employer, I work hard.  Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg all have one thing in common BESIDES being RICH.  They live to work and it’s time to recognize it.

The only why this works though is you have to be able to do “work” you are passionate about but it’s a process.  You have to take the scrappy job to get the good one.  That’s how it works sometimes but once you have all the tools, sky’s the limit. 

Look through less (yes I said it) and watch in 5 yrs and much more money you make because you live to work!!


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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