“Money” Mayweather Motivated Mentally

It takes a certain mentality to reach the top of any industry. First, you have to be crazy, then you need some confidence, then you need to be the BEST at what you and how you do that is practice. Floyd Mayweather Motivated baby!!

I have watched a lot of boxers over the years that were very good.  Mike Tyson was very good but his downfall was he didn’t have the patience, hard work and dedication that it takes to be great for a long time. Money Mayweather has it!

If you have ever watched him fight, he comes out with a certain swagger. He has a target on his back with everyone that he faces. HE tries his hardest to make sure that he wins and sticks to his game plan. His strategy usually is to outlast his competition.

He trains like Rocky did in the movie. It’s life or death to him. Life is being successful, death is not. He won’t let anyone beat him. He practices to hard to do that. Yes, we talking about practice. Practice makes perfect so he practices over, over, over, over, over, and over again.

He is RICH because he has found his gift and he spends everyday perfecting it, by practice, and he has that “chip” on his shoulder. If you were to ask me who can beat him, I’ll make a prediction! The only person that I think can beat him is a boxer named….

Floyd Mayweather Jr. ….Also

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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