Non-smoker now!! Impossible is nothing

I can accomplish anything I want to in my life. I just proved it recently to myself.  I completed my first month as a non-smoker cold turkey!  I smoked for 14 years straight, never really quitting so this is huge!

The person that really believe in me was my mom.  She would remind me everyday how “mentally strong” I was and I needed that. Even Eric Black needs motivation!  I finally was just lke, I won’t have anything control me anymore.  I write my own book!!

I realize now why I stopped, I want to help others quit smoking cold turkey.  If I can do it any one can.  I am working on a campaign as we speak because I believe you got to trick your mind.  That’s how I did it. 

Also read “How $100 dollars changed my life” because that’s what started all of this but the winner of beating smoking was my mind.  It taught me also because I have a stressful day job, I will live with cigarettes.  Maybe that will be the campaign.  “You can live without cigarettes, really”.

Leave comments if you have any ideas that would help with thus campaign.  I never quit because I thought I could never do it!  I just proved, I CAN!!


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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