I’m just being honest

If you are a fan of hip-hop you have heard the song by Future “I’m just being honest”.  So that has inspire this post I am calling “I’m just being honest”.  I am not one to tell a lie because I think when you start telling lies they eventually catch up to you. 

So let’s get started:  I think the world needs change, I’m just being honest.  We need to change the way people think and it starts in the school.  They teach kids to be followers and not leaders.  They need to teach confidence and credit ratings in schools because it’s the key to a good life, just being honest. 

I also think that negative people are necessary to make to make room for people like “me”.  I’m just being honest.  These negative people keep the followers following, while people like me keep the leaders leading, just being honest.

I think you reading this realize how the world works, the positive excel while the negative decline.  I’m just being honest.  The more positive you remain, the better your life is.  So do what you want because it’s your life, and I’m just being honest. 

I’ll close with this:  You can do whatever is you want.  I’m a kid from Rockford, IL and I have been on the Steve Harvey Show.  I have a business, a corporate job at my company, and I am working on something HUGE!!!!  

I accomplish what I want because I am extremely confident and I know how to network.  That’s all it is, and I am being honest! 


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & Founder

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