I am going to tell you a story that has completely changed my life. I am going through what may be a breakdown to some people, to me it’s breakthrough! I have told my mother and one other person this story, so I hope this will inspire you. This story that I am going to tell will make you go wow, I can’t believe that. I will say this, any negative situation can be looked at as a positive if you learn to look at it in a way of a learning experience.

So I just got paid last week, paid all my bills that come up at the beginning of the month as usual, which leaves me with minimal spending money. I am very tight with my money, and I always worry about it. We’ll as I talk about with the “Law Attraction” post I wrote, whether positive or negative, you think about something, it’s bound to happen. I had been cleaning my wallet getting it organized and noticed a hole in my wallet. I was so worried because this $100 bill is all I had for two weeks, so I put it in my pocket of my pants. Later on that day I can’t find it. I am like there is no way I lost it, only to find out there is a whole in these cargo pants pocket. Get’s better, these are my brothers pants, so let’s just say someone is $100 richer. I was worried so much about losing the money that I “lost the money”.

$100So think about this, I have to go two entire weeks without money. The next day I went to church, and I put together some change to put towards an offering for the church. Right after, I noticed that I had just smoked my last cigarette. Keep in mind, I don’t have any money to buy any more. I have some food in my apartment, but I don’t have cigarettes, so guess what I did? I have been smoking since I was 18 years old, so after 14 years, forced to quit, I am pleased to say I haven’t had a cigarette since last Sunday. My test came yesterday when I found a pack with 2 cigarettes in the box. I took scissors and cut them up.

If I can take a horrible experience like that, and turn it into a life changing experience, so can you. It may just be fate because I have also been playing basketball this week at a park by my mom’s house, and I see these young boys everyday, that play basketball with me. They are always asking me advice, so this has led me to want to mentor more kids, and to get kids back outside in my old neighbor. I am working on a campaign that is basically like “Don’t shoot guns and go to jail, shoot jumpers and go to college”.

I wanted to share that because all have a calling and you can’t fight fate!

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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