Change you target because your aim is fine

All these years I have always thought I was supposed to be running someone else’s business.  I have been in management in every job I’ve had.   Yet I still haven’t reached “upper management”.  For years, I’ve thought well, I have to work harder or ask for more work.  See that’s what most people do.  Ask for some much work that they have to promote you.

I tried all the above but yet it never worked.  I could get from groundlevel to management quickly (my current position it took four months) but could never push into a senior management role.  I used to think I didn’t earn it but lately it just dawned on me…..

Change my target because aim is fine

As fate would have it, I have started my own company, Mirror Motivation Media. In one month, I’ve accomplished more than I have in three years at my current position.  We have had a number of sponsors for one event. I am working on a national campaign that will start in late J.  You will see in a future post that my company has lead me to daytime television.  You’re probably thinking how did he do that?  Me too…

I work for my own company with the same intensity as that guy that wants a promotion and will work his rear off for it.  I apply all that I have learned from my past experience in management to make a plan, execute it and make sure it gets results.  Now, I do it as a business owner, CEO and president. 

What can you take from this?  You may not being doing anything wrong to get the position you want.  The man upstairs may be trying to push you in a direction that you can only see from lower level.  If I was in upper management, do you think I’d have a company right now?  The answer is NO.

Maybe your in the wrong place, maybe in the wrong industry, maybe you are meant to be your OWN boss.  Maybe you just need to change your target because that is what has worked for me…..

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One thought on “Change you target because your aim is fine

  1. This is well said and very deep.

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