2010-Chevrolet-Camaro-Black-ConceptThis car is what I want but there comes a point in the whole dream process that you have to stop dreaming and start taking action! Where most go wrong is they want to be a better person but they don’t believe it will actually happen subconsciously. They really don’t believe because when a person really believes that they are “living this life already” it begins to firm slowly but surely.

My life has taken drastic turns. Most recently I was offered the position as Human Resource Recruiter at my place of employment. Most people asked me “Eric, I know you got to be making more money”. All I thought about is, everything that has been going on in my life positively has nothing to do with money. I chase the dream, not money!

The crazy thing is I have been preparing myself for this job for the past 4 months, it’s networking, being the face of our my employer’s business with people in the community. Remember, I started doing charity work which is how all these things started to manifest. It all started with me not chasing money but chasing my passion, which is helping inspire people to reach their true potential.

Bottom line, I have acted like I own a successful business, I have acted like a Human Resource Recruiter, I have acted like I have cracked jokes with Steve Harvey and helped warm up the show. I started acting like someone that is successful and only goes out to network or celebrate success. It started with affirming what I want, then taking action to go out and get it because nothing will ever be given to you.

The car above (Chevy Camaro Eric Black Edition) symbolizes to me that I can be a superhero (read “I AM BATMAN)in the community by helping others around me. I will be rewarding myself with this car by July, 2014. I would only be right to have the batman logo on it but that’s what I want, this is about you…..

So what do you want, think about it and go get it. Look out for a new post tomorrow! Until then, I got work to do:)


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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