Are you really ready for success?

Have you ever taken notice when a person with average talent rises to higher heights than others with more talent? You can’t rely on talent alone because I know a lot of talented people that are broke. They seem to have all the goods but missing these key principles!

Discipline: A heavy dose of it can lead you to a happy career, excellent shape and financial stability. It took me 33 years to figure this out because sheer talent isn’t always enough to reach your goals. This also requires a lot great deal of self control.

Focus: I always have heard successful people talk about “you have to stay focused” but never really knew what it meant. It means no distraction. Put down the cell phone, turn off the television and fully commit.

Consistentcy: Being consistent is very important because anyone can go hard for one week in a row. Can the day? That’s the key to consistently, can you do it day on and day out. Each day you do, your coming more consistent.

Keep going: Can you push through the good and bad times? Those times where you think about quitting. You have to remember why you started because chances are there is a very big reason and you can’t let yourself down.
Be accountable: The most important piece of the puzzle is being accountable. If you aren’t accountable, it doesn’t matter how hard you work. Being accountable is taking responsibility for all your decisions.

It’s time to upgrade!! Let’s go get em…

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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