Keep pushing: For what you want

We can’t give up!  Every day we live, everything we do, every thought we have makes a difference.  Even those days and things and thoughts that we (or others) might think are so incredibly insignificant at the time matter. 

When you get frustrated by the enormity of something that must be dine, when you feel that you won’t be able to make a difference all on your own.  When you think that individual effort and small contribution to the world is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, keep pushing!

Great companies, great solutions, great adventures, great relationships don’t happen overnight.  They are built slowly over a history of small events that unfold one after the other on a long journey of effort and exploration, one small moment at a time, one small effort at a time. 

I won’t stop pushing for what I want because I represent all the people that have what it takes but don’t have the rich upbringing!  I represent the people that will work for everything they want.  Let’s do it together!   We got this!!!!


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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