Believe: It’s already coming

We all have that one thing we want more than anything. Maybe it’s a promotion, maybe it’s a new car, maybe a new house or even a date with your dream girl or guy! Fact is though, you will never have “it” until you BELIEVE.

To believe in something, is to accept it as true, genuine, or real. Now, I need you to really catch the title of this post, “Believe: It’s already coming”. Like a package from UPS, it’s in the mail, and you will get it because you deserve it.

Sometimes this goes for negative things too, some call it karma! I am talking truly about that positive goals or dream you have. I have been going through alot just like anyone else, but there isn’t a day that goes by that, I don’t believe my dreams will true.

Do you believe you will reach the top? Do you believe you have what it takes? You need to answer yes to both questions. Then you need to go roll up those sleeves and start sweating! We have dreams to accomplish.

Get up, get out and go get something!


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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One thought on “Believe: It’s already coming

  1. Sarah Wesley

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