Are you ready to move forward?

Through life, it can seem more like a roller coaster ride with all the ups and downs that will come your way.  The only problem is it feels like it doesn’t move sometimes.  It’s like your on a treadmill, running in place, heading NOWHERE FAST. 

Being still not progressing can make our life very challenging.  We don’t deserve to live life like this.  Matter of fact, I would suggest that you start doing something DAILY, so we don’t get into that rut of mediocrity. 

Make a change to move forward.  You can do this without changing jobs, houses or cars.  Just aim to change your ROUTINE.  We are all creatures of habit and we can do things without thinking about them. 

How you change your ROUTINE is very simple.  Find out what part of your routine you want to change, then take action.  I want to spend more time improving myself, so I eliminated video games. 

I also limit time wasters such as television, club hopping, etc.  I have to have a reason to do them or else I won’t do them.  Since I’ve done this the last 4 months, it has worked wonders for other areas in my life.

Make sure your moving forward and not sideways! 

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