Another Baloney Sandwich


I don’t know about you but any time I am short on money, I think it’s time for Ramen Noodles and a baloney sandwich.  There’s a story that I always remember being told about a baloney sandwich, that many of us can relate to. 
There’s a construction worker who had a certain complaining habit.  Monday at noon, he opens his lunch pal and saw a baloney sandwich.  He ate that for lunch and even rubbed his stomach.

On Tuesday at noon, he opened his lunch bag again and saw another baloney sandwich.  He was a bit annoyed at first but he ate it.  On Wednesday at noon, guess what happened?

He saw the same sandwich again and now he began to complain “Another Baloney Sandwich”.  Thursday came and once again he screamed “Another Baloney Sandwich, if I see this thing tomorrow, I may have to kill myself.

Friday comes and at this point every is anxious to see what this guy got.  They were placing bets.  Here it is noon and guess what, another Baloney sandwich.  One of his co-workers says “Hey, why don’t you tell your wife to stop packing all these baloney sandwiches for you”.  His reply was “leave my wife out if this you hear!  I pack my own lunch”. 

Now, this sounds kind of funny and some may say that no one could be this stupid, yet many of us are like this man.  You’re probably saying to yourself there is no way you can be that dumb but let me explain this to you.

How many people do you know that keep complaining about their present situation and are doing absolutely nothing about it?  They are just like that man.  Some keep complaining about their jobs but aren’t even trying to get another job. 

We love to have a pity party instead of taking personal responsibility for our lives.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.  That guy thought magically his lunch was going to change.  All he did was kick and scream but NO ACTION.

My life has started changing we I started changing.  I spend more time at the library than the bar.  I spent mire time reading than watching television.  I take action.  If you want to lose weight go join a gym.  You want to write a book, you have to write first. 

We create our own Baloney on our lives and if we don’t do anything about it, or will remain with us for the rest of our lives.  Stop talking and take action! 

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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