I am grateful

My life is changing before my very eyes and why that is very simple. In orden to receive more, you have to be grateful to what you have.  My day job is one I like but I am not married to, yet it has gave me the skills necessary to be a business owner.  I am grateful for it as well because it has connected me with some people that have taken me to the next level. 

Another thing that has changed drastically in my life is how I feel about money.   I have always been a cheap and a tight wad but now I give away more than I ever have to charity, someone that needs a buck, etc.  I was like most people and let money control my life, only to find that I don’t need money to enjoy life.  I need to adapt my life to more things that don’t involve money!

I am grateful to have a mother and father that believe in me.  They have and have always supported me.  If I told them right now, I wanted to be an astronaut, they would help make that happen.  I also have à brother & sister that despite our differences, support me cuz they were the first ones sharing my video on Steve Harvey.

I am also grateful to my two beautiful daughters.  Chanel, who is 13, reminds me so much of me & her mother.  She’s so smart, creative and a leader.  Jaelyn, who is 10 months, is already a daddy’s girl but her birth is what has resurrected my passion in life.  She is a big motivator in overcoming my biggest obstacle, which was to quit smoking. 

Bottom Line, the more you are grateful for, the more you receive.  I’d like you when you get time, think of all those things and write them down.  After you do this, make sure you tell those people you are grateful for, THANK YOU!  Watch all the blessings you receive afterwards.


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President


Thank you to all the readers.  I am grateful to all of you.

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