American Dream vs American Nightmare

This will be my most controversial post that you will ever see from me.  It’s the 4th of July, so as I was looking at all the families that go to see there local cities fireworks, it inspired me to write this post.  We all look to the sky today! 

Most people that come to the United States of America from other countries, come with the hope to live what is called the “American Dream” but most of people born here are living the “American Nightmare”.  Yes, I said it but it’s time someone say it! 

When I think of the “American Dream” I think of the perfect family, mom and dad with kids, living in a nice house with a gated back yard and a swing set in the backyard.  This was the norm in the 50’s and 60’s but now it’s completely different.  Mom is dropping off the kids to dad at his apartment, with her new boyfriend in the car and their child waving by to their half-sister.

Meanwhile, mom is going to her job she hates, and afterwards she is going grocery shopping on her link card because she has 4 kids, making $10 an hour.  It’s time we stop thinking it is okay to struggle and just get by. 

Maybe your okay with your life and if this doesn’t apply, let it fly!  Maybe I described someone you are close too, and hopefully this will inspire you to help them.  Maybe you think the world is totally perfect and completely disagree with me. 

I believe in the American Dream!  I believe if we think more positively, we can create more positive results.  I believe the world can get better when we attack what’s wrong and try to fix it.    I believe that we can do anything if we stop using excuses.  It starts with changing the way many people think. 



Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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