Is your life like a camera?

Do you only focus on what’s important in your life?  Do you capture the good times?  Do you develop from the negatives?  If you answered yes to the above, you are on the right track but it’s never that easy!

What happens if that doesn’t work because things never go exactly the way we want it?  You take another shot!  Now this really relates to all of us.  Sometimes we just have to change the angle, and keep trying until it comes out like we want it.

Bottom line is what are you doing with your life when it isn’t PICTURE PERFECT?  My life is far from that but if I take enough “shots” eventually I will have to right “pose.  It takes practice.

Bill Parcells, Super Bowl winning head coach, had this saying that has always stuck in my head.  He said ” this is why you life all them weights” referring to a player playing in a BIG game.  If you keep working at something, eventually you will get it.

If you quit though when things get tough or tap out, you my had just been on the verge of something great.  Some call it breakdown but I call it BREAKTHROUGH.  Sometimes we just need a break! 

You are a winner because winners are into self-development and you are not going to fail.  You have to many people counting on you to succeed besides that the look on those faces that said you couldn’t do it, prove them wrong! 


Eric W.  Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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