Chin up, shoulders back and look them in the eye.  This is what my mentor the late Hal Rice, taught me about confidence.  My mom was steering me in the right direction too, even if that direction was out of the basement and into my own apartment.  Lol

Check this out:  A 2012 study from Australia’s University of Melbourne found that men who are confident in there abilities earn more than guys who have the same competence level but lower self-esteem.  That’s why I always get promoted.  Just kidding!

There’s a lot that comes with confidence too that’s negative so make sure your ready.  When you are confident, some people will always try putting you down.  Think of it like this, you have a target on your back but if you can handle it, it’s worth it.

Clothes are critical to confidence, too.  Have a go to style that you feel great in.  I personal were “smmedium” shirts because if I can pull that off, I can pull off anything.  I love wearing a shirt and tie for no reason to.  It symbolizes success and you sell to the world, your serious.

Confidence in yourself is crucial!  It’s a tough world out there and you could eaten alive.  This will make the world a better place too because more confident people, better jobs.  The more confident you are too, the better you will do with the ladies.(vice versa for the ladies)

So be that confident person.  You have to sell it to yourself first, then go sell it to the world.  Confidence is something we would all buy.  I wish they sold it at the store some days because I have my days too.  Lol


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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