Are you a winner? Then act like it!

For years, I’ve always wonder why I wasn’t successful, why I always was running around in circles.  It always made me feel incomplete.  I felt like that guy that we all know. 

He’s the guy with some much potential but can never reach it because he isn’t committed to success.  This same person talks a good game but he will never succeed because he spends too much time talking. 

This person is scattered brain, all over the place, instead of where they should be.  It’s like a disease but there is a cure.  It’s called focus.  Until you know, exact what you want to do, you’ll continue to run in circles.

The things that I have realized in my life is the more I focus on one thing at a time, the more I will win at it.  Like Michael Jordan after he retired to pursue baseball, came back more focused then ever.

The reason he was so successful is because all he worried about was basketball.  He realized without basketball, he was just an average athlete.  If he completely focused, no one could stop him.

That’s what winners do.  Tiger Woods in his pre-drama days, was the best golfer in history until he had distractions that caused him to think about more than golf.  Now, he’s just an above average golfer.

See, being a winner is all mental.  When I sold cars and had a bad month, it felt like I couldn’t give a car away.  My boss George would always say, “your head is f***** up Eric”.  It was all mental.

In order to be a winner, it starts with and ends with your attitude.  In between, it’s all about focus.  Not on what you don’t want, but want you DO want.  Don’t think about “what if I lose”, only focus on the positive! 

Easier said then done but I know this and hopefully you can relate!  Most go to gamble, expecting to lose.  Anytime I have gambled and won because I was only focused on WINNING……


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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