We have to set the new rules

Today, I heard the rapper/ business mogul Shawn Carter AKA Jay~Z, referring to the internet as the wild, wild, west. I was thinking how that relates to the world. He also said that “we have to set the new rules” referring to rap music and the internet. I believe we have to do that in regards to our lives in general.

Think about this: If we took that 98% of people who Mitt Romney was talking about during his election, and turned it into 95%, then 90%, then 85%, THAN 80%, HOW DOES THE CHANGE THE WORLD? Everyone says that school is the answer but I’m here to tell you that 74% of the richest people in the world are high school and college dropouts. It isn’t always the answer and for years this has been the blueprint but being frank what we have been doing isn’t working!


I thought when Barack Obama got into office he would change the way the world thought but he can’t do it by himself! We’ll I don’t have nothing to lose so I guess it’s me. That’s right; I am officially campaigning to be the next president of the United States of America. Okay, I’m kidding!

The world needs change and I guess I’ll help and be a cashier!

I’ve learned a lot from live experienced but I have studied the rich and one thing that all of them possess is great time management skills. They don’t waste there 24 Hours a day. They make every second of there 86,400 count. They stick to there script.

With all this technology, they hope we waste time on television, social media, etc. Self-Development is the key to success and the world needs to know that. We need to set the new rules because it’s the wild, wild, west and a complete mess. Let’s fix it together!


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
Founder & CEO

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