My Vision

I have a vision with what this blog represents and what I am trying to accomplish with Mirror Motivation Media. The goal is very simple: Change the way people think! How do I change the way people think? Have bigger influence! How do I have a bigger influence? Build a brand! How do I build a brand? Tireless, relentless work. Sounds easy right?

Well on paper anyone can have a vision. It always looks good in the beginning. “Anybody can come to wordpress & name a blog called “Get up, get out and get something” as one of my critics has said. I laughed because the first thing I thought is if it’s so easy, why don’t you go do it?

Most businesses that fail are chasing money but you can’t really on passion alone. I was very passionate about basketball but that doesn’t make me NBA ready! Do I plan on having Mirror Motivation Media profitable at some point? Of course I do but is that the objective? NO.

It’s to really change the way people think and help people. Let me give you an example. If you can take 1,000,000 people that are struggling and having them achieving success, what would that do for the world? We haven’t pulled it off yet believe me, there is a day that goes by that I don’t think about this.

My talent is words, and my skill is delivering those words and my god given talent is my spirit. It has always made the most difficult people find a comfort level with me that I can’t explain. The pieces to the puzzle are forming together, it’s just do I have the patience to pull this off.

Patience has always been my biggest weakness but how you conquer a weakness, is first identifying it as a weakness. Then you work towards making it a strength. A couple of months ago, I would have given this up but I can’t stop now because I got yo many people counting on me!


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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