Taking Responsibility

I know that every day we are constantly changing and growing as a person. We are thrown many new things and have made ourselves chameleons while always adapting to changes on the “fly” so to speak. It can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming especially when you have bills to worry about, kids to be there to support or having to deal with different personalities in a relationship, or your place of employment.

We need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY in helping those around us that need our support because our income and our family depend on these people just as much as these people depend on us. I work in the call center industry and though, I get aggravated by the customers sometimes, these people that have issues help pay our mortgage or car payment and the food and shelter for our loved ones. If we don’t have anyone to help then who ultimately are we helping? Ultimately, that is up to you!

How we approach each day, each 86,400 seconds, each question, and each issue that comes up in our lives could affect how things look when it comes to the big picture, which is our paycheck. There’s a saying that “the better you are to your job, the better your job is to you”. Taking responsibility is taken all possible steps to addressing your problems with a solution, giving your best effort during the day and creating more opportunities to help more people. This applies to any line of work in any country.
• What would your life look like if you started taking responsibility for every aspect of your life?
• How could this better your overall situation?
• Do you feel like you give everything you have to everything you do?
• If you gave everything to had, to what you are working on could you be more successful?

Quite honestly, none of us do. The truth is why we don’t just from my past experience because we don’t feel like it will be recognized. We feel like its a waste of time. We act like our jobs are “just over broke” but we all know someone that can’t find a job. I’ll tell you this; if it’s your passion you won’t need recognition. If it’s your passion, you don’t need a pat on the back. If it’s your passion, I won’t have to pay you a dime for what you do.

Passion will push you past anything that you want to accomplish on this earth, it’s just that only certain percentage the 2% in the world that are wealthy understand this principle. Donald Trump loves real estate. Michael Jordan loves basketball. Tony Hawk loves skateboarding. Jay-z loves rap music. Have you connected the dots? They do what they love to do, that’s why they are successful!


Eric Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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