You probably read the title and thought this might be some self-absorbed message because my name starts with E. We’ll if that was running through your head, YOUR WRONG! This post was actually going to have a deep message as most of my posts do but you’ll have to wait for it.

Question: Is it just me or it it hard to come up with words with the letter E? I started going through the E’s and found some great words, so it made me think of the E-FACTOR.

Check this out: EAGER, edge, EDUCATE, efficiency, ELATION (my favorite), elegant, ELEVATE, elocution, EMBELLISH, embrace, EMERGE, eminence, EMPEROR, empower, ENCOURAGE, endeavor, ENLARGE, enliven, ENORMOUS, entertain, ENTICE, essential, ESTEEM, ethical, EVOLVE, excellent, EXCITE, expand, EXIT and exercise. I could have kept going but I wanted to ask a question: How many of these words do you use in your life everyday? If you count there are exactly 30 words and I think that if we get to use these more in our everyday routine, this would make us more successful. THE E-FACTOR (in my Simon Cowell voice).

Let’s start with exercise first. When is the last time you did this? Would it help you to do more? Let’s go to exist next: Do you have being, wait do you live everyday day like you exist? Expand is a tough one but think about this..Could you expand your knowledge? I know you are thinking the same thing I am, I NEED TO START IMPLEMENTING THE E-FACTOR! I need to start doing this like YESTERDAY..

Since I practice what I write about I’m giving myself an E-FACTOR CHALLENGE and you are more than welcome to join me, this is how this is going to work, are you ready? Hopefully, you said YES! Here’s what I am going to try to do…Everyday started tomorrow I am going to see how many of these 30 I can use everyday. You’ll to pick up a dictionary so you may want to get one so you know what all these words mean. If you do this you will already knock out EAGER AND EDUCATE! We’ll have fun with this. If you can have a little fun in your life and work it into your routine we are closer to success.

Please comment on how you are doing with this and we will come back later! Help me start a revolution! We are living the E-FACTOR! All the words above ones that stuck out to me but maybe you have 30 more E-words that can improve your life!

If you know me, know that I am going to try to get to 20 tomorrow!!! On your mark, GET SET, GO!!


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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One thought on “THE E-FACTOR

  1. This is really good! I like it and the challenge. I’m sure between me and u… I can get more then you. Hehe. Lbvvs. Great job on the writing. Proud of you each and everyday. Keep up the awesome work. (:

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