“Memory Lane is the right way” part 2

So chances are you read the first part of this “Memory Lane is the right way”.  If you haven’t please review before you continue to read this.  The purpose of the first part was to get you to flashback to when you were a kid.  Paint a picture and know I’m going to get to the message.

From the feedback I have got from several viewers, they are pretty close to living that childhood dream or not even close.  See, there is no gray area.  Some people have decided like my best friend and his sister growing up, who told me when we’re in middle school they were going to be teachers.  Jeron and his twin sister Jalena are both teachers.  So they let nothing get in there way. 

The other side of this is some people have let life get in their way of their dream or purpose.  I know this guy that let’s just say he is one the smartest guys I know and he could be alot more.  His problem is he uses too many excuses for why HE can’t.  He says every positive has a negative.  The type that spends more time on the problem than the solution.  Where do you think he is? 

Which one were you before you read this article?  Guess what, it doesn’t matter because the past is history.  Sometimes we have to pay respect to the past to continue on to the future.  Now let me ask you another question..

Are you mentally strong enough to chase your dream with the same passion when life gets in the way?  Most people answer yes but only few show it. 

I wrote this for that person that may have lost hope in going after your “calling”.  I dare you to go back to the old you then!! If you have that same passion that you did as a kid, this is how your dreams are accomplished. 

Food for thought.  You do the dishes

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