Think like a man! Controversy

Many women these days, have this notion, that if they think like a man that their interactions and their relationships with men will be better. I don’t personally agree with that, Why! Because woman were designed to be just that, a WOMAN! Both men and women were made to be different by design, that is physically, mentally & emotionally. Men should respect the fact that women were made different and women should respect the fact that men were made different.

If the Creator of the universe, wanted you to think like a man, He would have created you as a man. I am not saying that its not good to know how a man or woman thinks, I am simply saying, you were not created to think like a man, Its as simple as that. A cat does not think like a dog, & a lion doesn’t think like a sheep! Example,If you take a fish out of his environment, and place it on dry land, the fish will not survive.

You heard the saying “so as a man thinks, so is he” so if you go around trying to think like a man, guess what? You will began to act like one, and to do so takes you out of your environment, you will not survive but just exist! Because you are out of course with nature! If you’re concerned as many women are, about getting played, instead of thinking like a man, maybe you should go back to your true origin, the Lady, that you were designed to be! Thinking like a man will NEVER be the solution!. Simply put! Maybe, if we as woman, will go back to the old ways of doing things, we will see better results.

I am a true believer that one should consider marriage before becoming sexually involved. “Marriage is Honorable and the bed is not defiled” If we as women would go back to the old way of doing things, the world would be a much better place, less heartache, less pain, less tears, less drama. If we as woman allow the men to be men, they will be just that! if we take our rightful places as women, we would be treated as such. People only treat you the way you allow them to.

The world is so out of course, respect is not given now, It is earned. If each one of us women will close our legs until marriage, imagine how the world will be. Women, You hold the power of the universe in your hands and men would not be able to go around sleeping with this woman or that woman if we would honor our body’s until marriage. Its more to life than sex. So if you want to stop getting played, be the LADY that you were originally designed to be. Women our the first teacher. Its in our hands to go back to the old and right ways of doing things.

If we as women will take our rightful place, men will take his rightful place, and children will take there rightful place. We are like Eve, we continue to bit off that apple, in which we loss our connection with the Creator. We keep choosing the wrong route, now the whole world is out of course! Your bodies were not designed for every, Tyrone, Joe and Willie. We have polluted the temple, our bodies! THE SOLUTION IS, BE THE WOMAN that you were PURPOSE to be!

The ANSWER is not to think like a man;But to carry yourself like a LADY!!!!!!!

Debra A. McKinnie
Mirror Motivation Media

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One thought on “Think like a man! Controversy

  1. eliran0609

    OMG!! i love this one!!

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