I have absolutely had it up to here with being mediocre or average.  I’m done with that life!  I’ve had it up to here with having to ask people to borrow money.  Not being able to pay my bills on time.  I want to be the lender not the borrower.   Sounds negative don’t it? 

You were probably thinking I was going to complain about my life like most of us do huh?  HaHa.  People that REALLY KNOW ME would know that I use negative emotions to push me in a positive way!  I use that anger towards my work. 

Sometimes you have to stop complaining and actually do something about.  TAKE ACTION!!!

Here’s how you do it:  Take a piece of paper and write on the top ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Next time your  ticked off about something write it down.  Keep this list.  Keep it for a month.  This list is your motivation to chase your dream because this list will grow if you don’t.  

Here’s one of mine (see below)


Guess what?  You keep doing what your doing because of this list. Anytime I don’t like something in my life I write it down.  See for me this list is how I can get through long days with four hours of sleep.  This list will continue to grow but one day, I’ll look at this list and being able to say this: 

“This why I’m where I am at TODAY”

So go make your list and then go chase your dream because you’ll be able to look at all of the reasons you need to change your life every single day!!!!

We change our life when WE CHANGE!!


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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