The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!

Motherhood is one of the Most important jobs in the world! Taking the time to raise the children is the best gift you can sacrifice, unconditional Love, Quality Time & being an example are more important than most material things! We are the First Teachers of our children! Being a mother isn’t always easy, but, it has its rewards! I am a proud mother of two. When I think back on the days when I was a little girl, I realized how lucky I was to have my mother as my first teacher.

My mother is the reason that my faith is so strong in God. I will never forget the time when we didn’t have anything to eat, my mother entered her closet, as a little girl to me, it seemed like at least an hour. She was praying of course. When my mother finally came out the closet, I will never forget, there was a knock on the door, it was a delivery man, he handed my mom a package. My mom opened the package, and to her surprise, it was a check. I don’t remember the amount, but it was enough to buy us some food. I remember her praising God, and rushing us to get ready to go to A&P, which was where she brought groceries from at that time.

The store was to close at 10pm, I remember her saying “please! God let me make it to cash this check.” We made it, my mother was able to feed her hungry seven children. We hadn’t eaten all day. That was the first miracle that I experienced in my young age. My mother was truly my first teacher of faith. She showed me that prayer works and that miracles truly happens.

What was your first miracle experience? How did that experience change your life? After reading this, do you believe in miracles?

Debra A. McKinnie
Mirror Motivation Media

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One thought on “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!

  1. eliran0609

    Having the job i have now is a miracle in it own. Both me and my mom were unemployed, she ran out of income to pay for her mortgage.. I applied for a job and wasn’t cut out for the position but was referred to try another position and i got the job! First job I have had in 4 years, people wonder why i love to work and be at work. Being unemployed for 4 years you learn to NOT take things for granted such as employment. So when I see people complaining about their job how they hate going to work… People need to be thankful, be glad and take advantage of the opportunity of their employment cause there are others out there while gladly take your spot while you sit on yer arse collecting either unemployment or have nothing at all!

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