What is YOUR definition of success?

We often think that someone we may know is so lucky because they smile or they look like they have life figured out.  We see someone dressed nice, nice car, nice house or the job we really want.  

That person that smiles everyday might have it worse than you!  That is where past experience play such a key role.  Five years ago before I studied self-help, I would complain if I didn’t hit $50,000 a year.  I felt as though my life was worthless unless I was considered middle class.  The car business helped create that mentality because that’s how most of us were trained. Most salespeople are groomed to this way of thinking.

The craziest part of all this is this:  My family struggled financially when I was young.  Struggling to some is ” I can’t afford for my kids to go to private school”.  Struggling to me is no water, no electricity, no gas and no car.  Just having a place to stay makes me happy.  What do you feel changed? 

My philosophy:  Jim Rohn believed that your income is determined by your philosophy.  This makes sense because I thought I was entitled to make money in my 20’s.  In my 30’s, again just happy to have a roof.  Which one is the right way or the wrong way?

I’ve went thru different progressions financially thru the years.  Middle class, to poor, to middle class to poor.  I’ve learned money doesn’t equal success!  Yes, statistics will back that up. We’ve all known someone that makes a lot more money than us but they are always coming to us for advice. 

What is your definition of success?

This question is important to your development because you have to know what ultimately makes you TICK. 

Being successful to me is to be able to impact those around me in a positive way.  Inspire, motivate, make them smile or help change their attitude.  I’ve done this for years but NOW I do it for the world to see. 

You are on your way to be successful!  You just need a road map to know where you want to go.  Please whatever you do, don’t get lost!!

Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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