My Mother’s Day Tribute

It’s only right that I honor the women that took care of me.  These women are influential in the development of every part of me.  To my manners, to my attitude, my work ethic and my mentality.

Let’s start with the woman that gave birth to me.  My mom has always been that person that I go to for anything.  She’s my nurse,  my psychologist, my “what should I do” person.  I tell her everything.  She was the first person I  told when I found out that my first daughter’s mother was pregnant.

I never forget this about my mom.  I’m 19 years old and my mom says “I can’t believe your having sex”.  Haha.  That’s my mom.  She is a lady that is polite, calm and makes every decision with logic.  I’ve never seen her make a decision on emotion.  I get that from her.  She is the most caring person I met in my life and she actually takes care of my grandma to this very day.

My grandma is like that person I always feel like I have to impress.  She is never satisfied and always pushes me.  I’m 32 years old and she will still tell me to pull my pants up.  She is a perfectionist and I get that from her.  Also I don’t argue with her because I always lose. 

I could write a book on both these ladies (idea) but I will close with a message to all the men out there.  Know women judge us on how we treat our mothers and also make everyday mother’s day. 

I truly believe that behind every good man their is great women.  My grandmother didn’t have a man in the house after my grandfather passed.  What did she do?


Happy mother’s day to all….


Eric W. Black
Mirror Motivation Media
CEO & President

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