What price would you pay to successful?

Everyone wants to be successful, Everyone wants to be rich.  Everyone sees those superstars on television and thinks……… that should be me.  They make it look so easy don’t they.  Getting paid $20 million to make a movie or get paid $500,000 to do a performance to an audience of 50,000 people screaming your name.  How about the athlete that is making $13 million a year to play football.  I can tell you because I have studied them, what they all have in common.  Would you like to guess?

Everyone that is succesful in life has to made a sacrifice to be successful.  No they didn’t sacrifice their lives, or there soul to the illumanti (as I have seen) but they sacrificed their TIME to whatever there craft is.  Will Smith says “talent is one thing but skill is developed after hours upon hours of beating on your craft”.  They say to become an expert on any level it takes 10,000 hours, which is equavalent to 5 years, which means they invested TIME to become who they are.  They don’t play video games as much as your average person, or party, or watching television as much.  They are at the gym, in the studio, on the court,etc. 90% of the time they are doing something that is going to improve their craft.

So if you want to be successful, what part of your lifstyle would you give up?  See, that’s the first step.  Seems easy at first right, all I have to do is give TV and video games up and I’m successful?  No, not quite because that is the beginning then the hard part comes in, what is your craft?  Then after you have figured that out, you have to plan accordingly.  Then after you plan accordingly, their is something that they call follow-thru (saying something, then actually doing it) or consistency. If you put this formula together, you are getting close but not quite there yet.  No, see the really hard part is to be consistent, see most people become successful and want to become lazy.  The 2% of the world that are succesful, don’t rest on their laurels because they are afraid that they will go broke, so they work as if they are broke.  I’ll say it again, they work as if they are broke.  Oprah Winfrey works harder than she ever did.  So does Jay-Z, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, etc.  They aren’t going back.  So they go into everyday how they did before they made it big.  With a humungous chip on their shoulder.

How does this relate to you?  Easy….  Follow the yellowbrick road.  Find out what your dream is, work at it everyday like your broke, then when you get really successful, work even harder.  So are you now ready to pay the price to be successful?

I think you already know my answer……

Eric W.Black

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One thought on “What price would you pay to successful?

  1. rubi

    LOVED it Eric. You have inspired me. As of today I am putting your wise words to work.

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